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The Mission


At AIM we strive for each child to reach their full potential learning and developing skills in all realms. At AIM we implement an individualized, creative and multimodal approach. We recognize that each child is different and requires a customized plan of action to reach their potential. At AIM we believe in a holistic approach comprising of not only instructional therapy and behaviour modification but complimenting interventions also that allow greater effectiveness of the therapies. We just don't get the concept of placing a child at a desk at bombarding them with material! Instead, we make certain that the material is understood through various modalities: visual, auditory, perceptive and hands-on are just some of the ways we like to deliver target material.Autism is a complex and multi-faceted disorder therefore it's counter approach should be equally multi-dimensional.  



A Message from the Director

Autism has historically been considered a life-long disability. A few years ago, we rarely heard of a recovery or near-recovery from autism.

But in the recent past, the Autism Research Institute began receiving letters, faxes, emails and phone calls from parents and from professionals reporting recovery or near-recovery. Almost all of these reports involve using a combination of therapies and treatments. 

These children now play with their same-aged peers and have real friends, they are doing very well in school, their behaviors are socially and emotionally appropriate, they communicate normally, and no one suspects the child once had a potentially life-long disability. Throughout my life I have evolved from being a scholar of immunogenetics to an educator, a therapist and now a keen enthusiast of the holistic lifestyle. My experience with various disciplines have led me to strongly believe in the biopsychosocial model, an approach that posits that biological, psychological, and social factors, all play a significant role in human functioning. Hence, I established AIMAS to approach Autism and ASD while keeping this in mind. I along with my staff aim to provide the children a number of ways to absorb, learn and develop. Raising two children of my own, I know that each child is different and one size does not fit all !  I believe that every child with autism and related disorders has the potential to recover completely,  we just have to tap it in their way. 




Dr. Prabha

B.Ed  Ph.D


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