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ABA or Speech Therapy: What kind of developmental therapies does my child need?

ABA or Speech Therapy: What kind of developmental therapies does my child need?
ABA or Speech Therapy

Children with Autism and or developmental delays and disorders can benefit from different types of early interventions. Some of the most common interventions used with children are Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, Speech therapy, and Occupational therapy.

Each therapy has a different area of focus and often complements each other to create wholesome development. ABA therapy is the most research-based treatment for children with ASD. If your child has received an Autism diagnosis, you may want to consider starting with ABA therapy and then adding speech therapy and occupational therapy as your ABA team suggests. We’ve outlined what each of the therapies targets below:

1. ABA Therapy focuses on developing learning behavior such as attending to the environment, imitation, and following directions. ABA therapy also encompasses everyday activities like communication skills, language development, social skills, and daily living and problem-solving skills for children with Autism.

2. Speech therapy focuses on feeding issues and articulation.

3. Occupational therapy focuses on understanding a child’s sensory needs and helps with adaptations for functional daily living.

Making a decision about which therapy approach is best for your child can often be difficult. Every child is different and may benefit from focusing on an area that is right for them. Despite that, ABA has the greatest documented evidence for significant long-term improvement in and addresses all life domains. If you are unsure which therapies your child needs, feel free to contact us to book a consultation call. One of our therapy specialists will learn about your child’s needs and make individualized recommendations for the therapy sessions.

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