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How do I apply for OAP Funding and what is the Ontario Autism Program?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Ontario Autism Program

The Ontario Autism Program, also referred to as the ‘OAP’ is a government-based program to support children with Autism. This program offers resources to parents and funding to obtain specialized services by a certified therapy provider. In order to be eligible for the program, the child or youth must be under the age of 18 years, currently, be living in Ontario, and have a written diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder from a qualified professional. The ministry of children and youth services offers workshops that provide a guide on how to apply for the varying forms of funding including Interim One-Time Funding as well as the newer, needs-based Core Clinical Services. Once you are approved for the Core Clinical Services, you will receive funding based on your child’s needs. This funding can be used to access ABA therapy, Speech therapy, mental health services, and/or to purchase technology as recommended by your ABA team.

Services & Supports offered through the Ontario Autism Program:

· Foundational Family Services

· Core Clinical Services- Funding for ABA. Speech and other therapies

· Caregiver-mediated Early Years Program

· Urgent Response Services

· Entry into School Program

To apply, visit the Ontario Autism Program website:

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